I Am the Y: Frank Eveland, Sports Director

Q: What do you do here at the Y?

A: I organize and run youth and adult sports. For youth, that includes soccer, basketball, volleyball, and baseball. For adults that includes co-ed volleyball, men's basketball league, and pickleball. I also host races such as the Turkey Trot, the Resolution Run and the Superbowl Shuffle. I have been here for 4 years now.

Q: In March, you are leaving soccer season behind to travel to Haiti. Can you tell us about your trip?

A: Yes, I am going to Pignon, Haiti with a missions group mainly from the Evangelical Free church. I will be there from March 12-21 with a group of 16 people, including both kids and adults. We'll be staying at a missionary house with 2 showers and 2 restrooms, limited electricity. I will be helping with concrete work for the village of Pignon.

Q: What motivated you to take this trip?

A: I went to the Friendship Festival pageant last summer and heard Katie Hammond talk about going to Haiti. It really made me want to go, and I mentioned it to Brandon Theobald. When he let me know they were going on another trip, I said, "I'm going."

Q: What are you looking forward to about the trip?

A: All of it. When I was in the Navy, I enjoyed going to different places. Here, I am looking forward to seeing how they operate with less. I want to see how their everyday lives are different from ours, how their worries are different than our worries.

Q: How much money does the trip cost?

A: About $1800 for the plane tickets. We are going from here to Florida, then on to Haiti. I am raising money to cover the cost at Go Fund Me.

Q: Do you think this trip will help you in your work at the Y?

A: I can't see how it would hurt. I will be dealing with youth there as well. It will give me perspective on needs and wants. How can you go to a 3rd world country and not change your outlook?

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